McDonalds accepting Bitcoin: starting 2015 ?

Just read an interesting article from bitcoinist regarding the possibility that McDonalds will accept payments in Bitcoin sooner or later. Its just an interesting thought and i think that the question is not if, but only WHEN they will accept it.

As a company driven by optimizing its business to maximize earnings its just a matter of time – just think of people driving in a McDonalds drive-in and paying with their smartphone will be as fast as some seconds and be a tremendous advantage – secure (do not have to hold FIAT money and take care of it) and operational (just need a terminal operating in seconds). McDonalds has already a running cooperation with Bitpay regarding its Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Combining new features like the no Risk Wallet needing 0 confirmation resulting in an immediate payment could be also a great step for bitcoin to be accepted by bigger companies. This years Amsterdam Bitcoin Hackathon Winner are 4 hackers who developed the theoretical groundwork having a zero confirmation transaction you can trust. So a merchant can be sure that the order is paid immediately, and doesn’t have to wait for 1,2,3 confirmations until a block is found.

This could be the edge advantage because i discovered on monday that if you are unlucky you still have to wait 1 hour or more for a transaction to be confirmed if no block is found – on average each bitcoin transaction will have 1 confirmation each 10 minutes when a new block is found.



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