Free bitcoins – Howto get bitcoin for free

Yes you are right, there are some websites where you can obtain free bitcoins for watching sites, playing little games for free or even for watching videos.

These sites are simple marketing-sites which want you to visit new sites with bitcoin-related services and products, but since you can earn some free bitcoins here, its fun, of course you don’t earn very much, but its a start if you want to take your first bitcoin steps. You don’t have to register, most websites offer you just to send your bitcoin address and nothing else and you can start earning bitcoins.

I will show you these sites first in a table, later i will add some information to each website which is maybe useful for you. The amount you get from the different sites is described in bits, 1 bit is 0.000001 bitcoin, 1 bitcoin is 100,000 bits:

Website free bitcoins for bits payout added
FreeBitcoin rolling a dice 5.99 bits – 0.59894586 BTC! sunday, min 54 bits 12/23/2014
Bitvisitor watching bitcoin-sites 0.88 bits – 16 bits per site fast, min 60 bits 12/19/2014
CoinHD watching video clips 1 – 10 bits per video fast, min 60 bits 12/18/2014
Alien Faucet kill aliens 2 – 100 bits game of luck monday, min 55 bits 12/18/2014
Coin Gamez watch ads, spin wheel 1 – 10,000 bits game of luck monday, min 55 bits 12/18/2014

FreeBitcoin – Free Bitcoins for rolling a dice

I just found this site FreeBitcoin, where you can win every 60 minutes from 5.99 bits up to 0.59894586 BTC – really 100% free!

Just visit the site by clicking our link and create a free account by entering your Bitcoin address, your desired passwort and your e-mail address in the “New User signup form”. You are logged in directly and find in the middle of this site the “Lucky Number” and “Payout” correesponding to the number. Below the advertisement is another captcha – enter the text from the captcha and click on “ROLL!” and the game starts – Have fun and best luck !

Bitvisitor – Free Bitcoins for watching websites

Bitvisitor is one of the easiest ways to earn fast some Bits. Just click on this link above and you get to bitvisitor. There you enter your Bitcoin wallet address and hit enter. Thats all data Bitvisitor needs from you!

Now you will be shown how much bits (example: 16 bits) you earn when you are watching the next website. you enter the captcha and you will be guided to the website. After 5 minutes (of course you can click on the website and learn more about this website) you click on “next” on the top right of the page. Then you get credited, and you will be shown again how much you earn for the next site and so on. Your payout is made immediately after you reached 60 Bits. Just try it!

CoinHD – Free Bitcins for watching videos

CoinHD pays you for watching videos – most related to Bitcoins. So its a fantastic way to learn something and get paid for that!

Here you have to sign up with your username, desired password and e-mail address. After logging in you must also enter a captcha and can start watching your first video. If you are done with the video, scroll down and enter the captcha and click “next”. now your Bits will be credited. CoinHD shows you not how much you earn before the video, so you just can see later by clicking top right on your username, select “My Profile” which links to the main screen. Now select “Home” on the top left and finally “Earnings”. I just tried this and watched a video for 7 Bits, now here is shown my TOTAL of 7 bits for this one video. After your total Bits are 60 more, you can enter your bitcoin address and receive your payment.

Alien Faucet – Free Bitcoins for killing aliens

Alien Faucet is a little luck “game”, the story is aliens takeover the planet and you can help killing them and earn some bits for that. You just have to register with your username, e-mail address and bitcoin address and you can start killing aliens. You can win 2 – 8 bits for killing a grey, yellow, blue or green alien, if you have enormous luck you find and kill the red alien and receive 100 bits! You can kill an alien every 10 minutes. The sites pays out your balance on every monday if you have a balance of 55 bits or more.

Coin Gamez – Free Bitcoins for watching ads

Coin Gamez is a site where you have a magic wheel you can spin while watching ads. Just visit this site by clicking the link to Coin Gamez, and enter your Bitcoin address. Its a bit confusing because this site is full of ads so look on the left top and click on “Start earning free bitcoins” to start. Now you enter your bitcoin address and can spin the wheel. you can win from 1 bits up to 10,000 bits (Jackpot!). To claim your price you must enter the captcha! The captcha is hard to find its on the left middle of the webpage under a video. You must watch the video until the captcha is shown. Enter it, and you will be rewarded.


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